DMCA genuinely cares that you look your best.

Before being referred to DMCA, I was settling for not looking as good as I wanted to, believing that my hair replacement stylist was doing all that was possible. After being with DMCA for two years, I now realize that my prior stylist was cutting corners to limit his time and expense which affected my look.
~ Dave, Los Angeles, CA

In this stressful world, at least I don’t have to worry about my hair looking good all the time! The service here is top notch, the hair quality is the best there is, and they really care. They make me feel comfortable and I feel like they are always there for me. Highly recommended!
~ Mark, Culver City

My name is Franceso, a working entertainer in the Los Angeles/ Hollywood area and a very happy 13 year client of DMCA. Im not new to the game having tried most of the biggest hair replacement companies that have come and gone throughout the years and have found a home here at DMCA. I cant say enough good things about this company or its owner. DMCA places a personal interest into each and every client that you will never find at any big company. DMCA is willing to work with clients to reveal to them the person they haven’t seen in years if not ever.
~ Franceso

I have been a longtime DMCA client and have always received wonderful service. They go out of their way to accommodate my schedule and it is always a pleasant experience. Highly recommended.
~ Kevin in Silver Lake

I have been a client with DMCA for many years. I travel with my work and, out of necessity, have to utilize other hair replacement facilities when on assignment outside of LA. I am always incredibly pleased to be back home and putting my trust in the talented hands of DMCA again. In twenty years of visiting numerous, varied, high-end hair facilities throughout the U.S., only with DMCA do I know without any doubt or reservation that I will be receiving the most skilled, thoroughly satisfying hair replacement facility experience provided by the most dynamic, cutting edge, and knowledgeable stylists in the industry. I feel very fortunate in knowing with all that’s out there that I am a patron of the only hair replacement facility where I can always rest assured that everything from start to finish and all the details in-between will be on the order of the best it can possibly be.
~ Dan from NoHo

I’ve been a customer of DMCA for 20 years. This company has kept up with all the trends in the hair replacement industry and I have benefited greatly from this. As a client, I leave every service with confidence and satisfaction. I would recommend DMCA to anyone with hair replacement needs.
~ Chris, Sherman Oaks, CA

I have been a client at DMCA for 20+ years. It is extremely important that I always look my best. DMCA’s expertise is not only in styling, they offer the latest solution’s in hair technology. I am alway confident that will look my best.
~ Mark, OC, CA