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DMCA Professional
Hair Replacement Systems for men provides private
and confidential
hair replacement services for men
in Southern





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Here's what our clients have to say...

"I couldn't believe I was losing my hair at such a young age. I tried Rogaine and other medicines, hair strengthening conditioners, special combs, and none of the worked! I saw some guys who had hair surgery and they just looked fake and they were way too expensive anyway. I heard about DMCA Hair Replacement and went in for a consultation. My stylist showed me all the different options out there and why Hair Replacement Technology works best. It was easy, safe, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I'd tell anyone who's looking for the answer to hair loss to go to DMCA - period."

- Chris S., Los Angeles, CA

"I could not believe how good my hair looked! I'm getting ID'd at clubs again -it is amazing! I'll never have to worry about my hair again. DMCA made me look like me again!"

- Kevin F., Silverlake, CA

"I have tried other hair replacement centers before and they were nightmares! I was hesitant about trying another hair replacement center but I'm glad I did now. The results were incredible!"

- Matthew G., Garden Grove, CA


We carry all types of products and
all grades and strengths of glue.

We specialize
in Men's hair
cutting & styling.