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DMCA provides private and confidential
hair replacement services for
men in Southern California.

We carry all types of products and
all grades and strengths of glue.

We specialize in Men's hair
cutting & styling.


Non-surgical hair replacement
If you're worried about hair loss and looking for a non-surgical solution, you should call DMCA. Our methods for Hair Replacement have been helping men look great for over 20 years. Please see our Before and After Gallery for examples of our success stories.

We handle all types of hair replacement.
Systems naturally vary as much as people do. They can be made with different combinations of hair, bases and adhesive material.

Hair Replacement Options
Hair options are 100% natural real hair, 100% synthetic, and as a combination of the two. Natural hair is imported from all over the world and is available in many lengths, colors, waviness, and texture to match your natural hair. It can also be styled the same way you would normally style your own hair. You can curl it, add color, and use you favorite hair care products just as you would normally. Synthetic hair is very natural looking and comes in a wide selection of colors, textures, and lengths just like natural hair. Synthetic hair however cannot be styled using high heat nor can it be dyed or bleached.

Types of Hair Base
The Base of the system is quite literally the foundation. The type of base can determine natural look, type of maintenance required, frequency of maintenance, and longevity. There are four general categories to choose from. The Conventional base is very durable, however is not the most natural looking of the options. A Full Lace base is the lightest and most natural looking. A combination of the two is the Lace Front base. It provides a natural appearance in the front and a more durable back. The Skin base provides a translucent polyurethane that shows through your natural scalp tone. The most durable systems currently are the P.U. Fine Mono and the P.U. Welded Mono. They last about one year and are the favorite choice for those who elect not to use a regular maintenance plan.

There is no surgery required. Your system will be held using special FDA approved bonding glues and tapes or a foundation weave. The type used depends on your specific needs and skin type.

Once your system is on you can treat it just like your real hair. You can shower, swim, comb it, trim it, and style it however you choose.


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